What is web hosting and 4 frequently asked questions

If you have a website or are looking to have one made, a term you will frequently come across is web hosting. As with most things, it can get very technical – but we have covered the essential questions so that any business owner or entrepreneur will understand what it is and why it is important for their website.

What is web hosting and why is it important?

Web hosting is the allocation of space on a server to store its (the website’s) files. This ensures that the files that make up the website are viewable and accessible on the internet. Without it (web hosting), a website is just as good as a PowerPoint presentation that is sitting in the Documents folder of your computer.

How does web hosting work?

How it works is that when someone enters your domain name (for example yourcompanyname.co.za) on the internet, the domain name is translated into the IP address of the web hosting company’s computer – which contains your website’s files – and sends those files back to the user’s browser. An IP address is a unique identifying number that is linked to a specific computer or computer network.

Can I move my website to another hosting company?

Yes, this can be done. A web developer will only need to change a few settings to allow your website to point to any web hosting company of your choice as well as transfer the related files and data. This process will usually take 24-48hours to complete.

Usually, the company that creates your website will arrange all of this (domain name and web hosting) but in some circumstances, you may find a cheaper hosting company or you may not have had a good experience with the web design company or developer and may want to move your website somewhere else.

What is bandwidth and why is it important?

Bandwidth is how data is transmitted through your website at any given time is measured. When a user visits your website, they are consuming bandwidth because they are downloading and uploading information from the servers. It is important as it affects user experience and should therefore be considered seriously when considering a web hosting plan.

How much bandwidth do I need?

The amount of bandwidth your website requires is entirely dependent on;

  1. the type of website you have or want 
  2. the amount of multimedia you have or want on your website – this is because more bandwidth is required to stream videos or music to a user’s computer.

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