What is website as a service

Website as a service or WaaS is an innovative way for business owners to build and manage their websites. It is great because there are differently priced packages which are set up at a monthly rate instead of a once-off price. The packages also vary according to the type of website required as well as the budget a business owner may have.

What is included in a website service package?

WaaS is set up in a way that allows business owners to have an up-to-date website that is packaged, supported and maintained. This ensures that they do not have to worry about the basics or general upkeep of their website for as long as they have the service. Generally, all good WaaS packages will include the following– regardless of the type of website or the chosen package:

  • Website design – is the actual design and development of the website and will be influenced by the type of website required.
  • Hosting – would be the server where all of the files and database for the website live.
  • Support & maintenance – are ongoing and are there to ensure that the website matches the level and service required.

Advantages of WaaS

Using WaaS has many benefits for business owners which can be communicated in 3 main points.


WaaS packages offer low all-inclusive monthly fees which cover all the essentials. Instead of paying one lump sum for your website to be built and maintained as well as all the associated per services required to keep it up-to-date and competitive.


Why not go to one place to service all your website needs and fulfil all requirements. Instead of sourcing different companies per service required. Not every company will have the same level of standards, quality and professionalism.


Using WaaS ensures that your website stays on par with modern trends and technologies. This allows your business to stay competitive, ensures the website does not become obsolete and removes the hassle of having to do a complete re-design or overhaul every time there is a new trend or technology available.

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