6 things to include in a website brief

You’ve decided what type of website you want for your business, now to brief the web designer on what you want. You may (or may not) have a vision of how you want your website to look and need to communicate that properly to reduce the back and forth as well as the number of changes required. This will help the whole process move as seamlessly as possible.


Defining and communicating the goal(s) as well as the target audience of the website the designer will help give direction. Along with this, the developer will be able to suggest additional layouts and plugins you may not be aware of that would make the website more conducive for reaching your goals.

Examples or Inspiration

Whether or not you have a vision of how you want your website to look, having some visual examples help give direction and a better understanding of how you want the final product to look. This inspiration can include certain elements on another website you have seen or even just the main colour you want your website to be. The designer will be able to provide you with some visual examples of the end result, that you can look at to approve before beginning the actual creation of your website.

Mock-ups or Design Inspiration

This is similar to the above but is a more defined roadmap of how your website will look once it goes live on the internet. Mock-ups provide a clear visual representation of your desired website. They are usually prepared by a graphic or web designer. The designer will draw inspiration from the visual examples given to interpret your vision. WeDesign solutions has both a very qualified graphic design and web development team whose services are available to ensure this is done correctly.


If there are any specific images that you as the client provide for use on the website, they need to be high resolution. If not, they will be pixelated/grainy and will make it look unprofessional. Alternatively, you may provide the image as inspiration and speak to the designer to source a similar high-resolution image. In such cases, you may not get the exact image but will get a similar one.

Written Content

Provide information or an outline about your company. This will form the written content of the website. Some clients feel comfortable providing the entire profile, others do not. The company developing the website will be able to provide a writer who will professionally compile the profile for you.  Should you decide to write it yourself, the profile will be proofread so it is optimised for your website.

Budget and Timeline

Be open and honest with your budget and timeline from the beginning so you are all in agreement and there are no surprises for either party. Discuss and confirm whether payment will be done once-off or if a monthly fee structure will be used. Regardless of the type of website you choose, these things are required. We understand that everyone’s budget is different, which is why we have a range of pricing for our web design packages. Visit the website to see what is included in each and choose a package that is right for you.