5 advantages and disadvantages of website as a service

It is always advisable to understand both the advantages and disadvantages when making any sort of business decision. Opting for website as a service (WaaS) is very attractive mainly because of the costs, especially when compared to once-off web design. Apart from that there are other factors that should be taken into consideration.


Packages are inclusive

Website as a service packages are usually bundled to include hosting, promotion, support and maintenance along with the design and creation of the website. This allows business owners to get the best deal as they are assured that all the needs of the website are met and any issues or upgrades are attended quickly. Along with the above, we also offer free .co.za domains, SEO and free plugins as well as free digital marketing strategies – depending on the chosen package.


Each of our packages are priced differently to afford all business owners the opportunity to have a website. This helps ease the financial burden as low rates which can be paid monthly are offered and if the need arises, can be cancelled anytime, obligation-free. Our packages start at R99 per month with a variety of websites to choose from, depending on your product or service as well as your needs.

Always up to date

The maintenance of a website is a continuous process that must be done to ensure it is up to date with the latest trends and technology. This includes content updates that allow the website to stay fresh and relevant, cloud backups as well as theme and plugin updates. WaaS packages take away the hassle and guess work from the owner to the company which has qualified personnel who will ensure everything is up to standard.


Limited pages

Depending on the chosen package, each website will have a limit to the number of pages – except for the Executive package which has unlimited pages. Any additional pages that go beyond the stipulated number will be charged per additional page

Fixed domain and host provider

All our packages are inclusive of domain and host providers which are fixed and therefore cannot be migrated to different providers. If such a situation arises a hefty penalty will be charged.

You can view our web design packages for more information and to understand what is included in each. If you have any queries contact us on info@wedesignsolutions.co.za to speak to someone who will help you choose the right package for your business.