4 most popular types of websites

In a digital world where there are so many trends happening and words thrown around, it’s not always easy to know what is what. As a business owner you need to stay clued up to understand what you will be getting and paying for. When it comes to websites, there are various types that are available, but we will be looking at the 4 fundamental types that are applicable to most businesses.

Landing page

This type of website is also known as a splash page and is usually one page. It can be used as a placeholder to display “Coming Soon” whilst the website is under construction or can include a short description of the company. The main reason for this type of website is for marketing purposes. This is because content on this type of website is usually very specific and you can easily drive visitors to take determined actions by highlighting a clear call to action. HeyNaledzi is one such website that uses a landing page type of website.

Business website

This type of website is one of the most common type of websites. It is non-transactional and its purpose is to provide visitors with details and information about the business, such as the company’s details and business profile. These websites typically consist of the following pages: Home, About, Services and Contact Us. Another addition to this type of website is “Meet the Team, where pictures and a short introduction of the people who work in the company can be displayed – this is optional. An example of a business website is HR Axis SA.

E-commerce website

An e-commerce website is essentially a product catalogue website with transactional capabilities and works well for business that have products they want to sell online. This type of website is defined by the fact that it has a shopping cart or a check out. An example of an e-commerce website is Sasa Cosmetics SA.

Leads website

A leads website enables customers to obtain loans, insurance, credit or similar. It will typically have a form to fill out and also consists of the standard Home, About, Services and Contact pages.  An example of this type of website is Leadz APIs. Having the right website for your business is the first step in setting up your online presence. If you are still unsure about the type of website you should have, or you require something more intricate, contact us on info@wedesignsolutions.co.za We will help you choose the best fit and build you a website that gets you noticed in the right way.