5 main types of content marketing

Content marketing is a very popular form of marketing that includes creating, publishing and promoting content strategically. Content (in terms of media) is defined as “the presentation of information for a purpose to an audience through a channel in a form.” Another important distinction is that it is strategic – and this involves planning to achieve a long-term goal(s). From this, we can already see that there are numerous ways to go about content marketing and that they are usually not spontaneous, even if it seems that way.

Why is it important

Content marketing is focused on the customer and is used to create and increase brand awareness, attract visitors, generate leads, drive purchases and revenue and improve SEO. It (content marketing) is important because: 

  • It helps your audience get to know your business better
  • Helps build relationships with customers
  • Enable you to showcase your business and product/services
  • Is a cost-effective way to attract new customers
  • Helps improve SEO efforts 
  • Can continue to deliver for your business in the long-term.

Different types of content marketing

There are several ways to go about content marketing, but we have included the 5 most popular to help you understand it better and provide a solid starting point for any marketing efforts.


Blogs are articles that are published on your website. They are generally informative and should contain links to other useful information on the website. They can help guide social media efforts and are great for growing and improving SEO.


These are recordings of audio discussions on specific topics usually released in episodes. They have great collaborative potential and are another medium of reaching your audience. Within this category is also video podcasts which would then add a visual element. They can be added to your website or integrated into social media platforms.

Social Media

There are many social media platforms and with them many audiences you can reach and connect with. Being present on these platforms also helps establish your social proof and digital footprint.

Visual and Video content

Visual and video content play an important role in today’s marketing. They can make your business stand out and be more recognizable. Not only are they the centre of most social media but people seem to be more receptive to them – 94% of people are more likely to view a blog article if it has images. Video content can also be very powerful in content marketing efforts as you give the business a “face” a person or people that resonate with your audience.

Resources and e-books

Resources and e-books are a great way to communicate your expertise in a given field. This option is primarily educational by providing useful information to your audience and can therefore be detailed. They provide value to your audience and can help you set yourself apart from your competition.

Content marketing is not a spontaneous activity. It requires patience, much planning and behind the scenes work. Along with this, a business must be very consistent in any of these efforts so that they are fruitful in future. You don’t have to use all these options at once, you can start small and grow into the others with time. Choose the most applicable to your business at that moment and hit the ground running. If you require assistance with any one of these content marketing options, contact us to do the heavy lifting.