4 reasons to use social media advertising

Social media advertising is typically a paid action and therefore has a cost to it. Businesses are able to target specific audiences on each platform to ensure their advertising is effective. Along with this, it is attractive because it increases your brand awareness and reach, is budget-friendly and provides beneficial information related to your target audience.

Suitable for any budget

Social media advertising is great because it has such budget-friendly pricing, which means that businesses on all ends of the spectrum are afforded a chance to be seen by their target audience. The type or objective of the ad will influence the costs, which can be managed further by setting daily and total budgets for campaigns. When creating a budget, it is good to start small and then invest more where there are results to maximise the efficiency of the campaigns.

Increases your reach and boosts brand awareness

Paid advertising on social media is a cost-effective method to create awareness for your brand whilst increasing your reach. It (social media advertising) guarantees a wide reach whilst also ensuring instant visibility. This is because you are placed in your target audience’s feed allowing your business to cut through the noise and be placed directly in front of them, allowing you to drive more qualified leads, website traffic and so on. To maximise your efforts, find out where your audience spends their time online and create ads that are memorable and informative.

The more your business appears in front of your target audience, the easier it will be recognised. This recognition will enhance your credibility and in time lead to sales. Approximately 30% of Instagram users have purchased a product they discovered on the platform.

Enhances targeting

Social media advertising allows you to control who sees your ad. Each platform has a range of targeting options that you can choose from to define your audience. Once you have implemented a few campaigns you can take a look at the analytics to analyse your audience for common factors to further refine your targeting.

You can then run a retargeting campaign to continuously interact with people who have shown an interest in your product or service by engaging. This allows you to constantly be in touch with that audience and be present in their minds. 

Gather market insights

Insights realised from social media advertising allow you to assess and refine your audience and your ads. Having a wider reach also gives you more reliable data to work with. Look at indicators like clicks, comments and profile visits to realise the impact of your campaign. These insights will assist in refining your target audience which will allow you to have more efficient campaigns.

Social media advertising is a flexible and fruitful process when used in conjunction with social media marketing. It is cost-effective too which means that businesses of all sizes can utilize it and see results. Social media advertising is available on different social media platforms and so the type of content used must be suitable for the chosen platform(s). We have flexible and customised social media packages for all major platforms. Contact us for a social media marketing strategy and to manage your social profiles.