Terms & Conditions

Website Packages

Monthly Website Package

  1. WeDesign Solutions Pty Ltd owns the design and development code of the website, The client retains 100% ownership of their Intellectual Property .
  2. WeDesign Solutions Pty Ltd has executive creative decision before, during and post development of the website. As such, items such as Adverts, analytics tools, etc maybe introduced on the website at any given time. The client may be consulted, only if deemed necessary. 
  3. All web design packages are month to month and can be cancelled at any time.
  4. Should you wish to resume a package with WeDesign Solutions after prior cancellation, a reconnection fee will be charged. After 3 consecutive months of non-payment, the website and all it’s content may be permanently be deleted.
  5. There are no additional charges to the design and maintenance of a website.
  6. You cannot migrate to a new host provider.
  7. Some modifications may be restricted, such as making structural changes on your websites without obtaining consent from WeDesign Solutions (Pty) Ltd. 
  8. There are no additional charges to design and maintain a website. For a custom design, please refer to ‘Custom/Premium Websites
  9. Prices are subject to increases in the future. All increases will be communicated via email before implementation.
  10. For web design packages that have limited pages – any additional pages over the stipulated number will be charged per page.
  11. If you wish to move your domain to another provider you will have to convert it to a custom website and pay the applicable admin fee.
  12. If you wish to have a custom design developed, an applicable fee may be applied.
  13. Clients do not have administrative rights to the website or the host control panel.
  14. A monthly contract website can be converted to a custom website by purchasing the website. The cost of the website will be calculated as follows: CP + 10% (CP) – MNTS X CPrice
  15. Where: 

CP = Current price of equivalent custom website

MNTS = Number of months you have been with WeDesign Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

CPrice = Current cost of the contract you are on.

Custom Designed Website

  • The client owns 100% of the design and development code of the website.
  • There is no limit to the number of pages or type of content you can include on the website.
  • If the website is hosted with WeDesign Solutions (Pty) Ltd, you are entitled to the following services:
  1. Double hours maintenance and support per month i.e. if you purchase 1-hour support, we will provide another hour free. Maintenance and support can be used to update SEO or website and content on the website.
  2. Discounts on all our services such as graphic design, digital marketing, legal services, mobile app development, blogging, software testing.

Should you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.